Hi, We are Carl and Brandon with Walker and Son Photography.  
 This is our unique and adventurous family who all take part in making a great photo team, including our dog Cypher, who graces many websites for lifestyle photoshoots we do for our customers.  Aside from photography, we love The Princess Bride, Calvin and Hobbes, Skiing and Boarding, hiking, rock climbing, and board games. We are pilots, geologists, psychologists, and budding veterinarians.  If any team can pull a genuine smile out of the most hesitant client, it is this crazy group.  
One Simple Price = One Amazing Photoshoot.
Every photographer runs their business a little differently.  Sometimes this leads to confusion about how much you are paying and what you are getting.  For example, a photo session might have a 40-minute time limit, a certain number of pictures you receive for a certain price (usually 15-25), a limit on the number of pictures edited, and you may have to select which pictures to purchase after the photo shoot.
All that sounds a bit complex.  
Let us simplify this: all of our services -  one simple price.  Our sessions for families and seniors take anywhere from 45-90 minutes.  However, if the time is shorter or longer than that to get the best photos possible, then that is fine with us.  Every single picture we take that is suitable for editing and delivering to you, will be edited and delivered to you.  This means that in a typical family photo session, you could have over 40 professionally taken photos, edited, and delivered to you, with no extra cost. Our senior photo sessions many times result in 60 or more photos.  There, that was easy.
Professional Capturing.  
Great photographers come in all shapes and sizes, and we use an assortment of equipment to get the results we aim to achieve.  After many years of experimenting with different equipment, lights, and methods, we decided to go all in.  We keep our Nikon camera line refreshed with the latest cameras and highest-quality lenses.  We also make extensive use of off-camera flash techniques.  The final results are visually noticeable, and our pictures pop with color and accuracy in a way that natural light photos cannot achieve.  This means that we will be accompanied by one or two lighting assistants on most of our photo sessions. 
Professional Posing
 A photo session can be intimidating and uncomfortable. “Just stand there and look natural” is a guaranteed way to create an awkward photo. Most of our clients have never done any modeling or training for modeling.  This is why we have committed ourselves to an understanding of posing kids, couples, families, and even our wonderful seniors.  Every person is unique in how they are posed, and we guide you into those poses so you move from being uncomfortable to confident during your time with us. 
Posing isn’t enough on its own, there has to be a smile that is true to you to make a great picture. If you look at any picture of a family member, you can instantly tell if the smile in the picture is genuine or not. Getting a four-year-old to pop a genuine smile on command can be a difficult thing, which is why though we take our photography extremely seriously, we never take ourselves too seriously.  I was raised in my mother's home daycare.  With three older siblings, and 10 or so kids running around the house my entire childhood, I connect with kids of all ages.  I’m not saying I can get your kid to have a genuine smile in 100% of the pictures, but it won’t be due to any lack of goofiness on my part. 
Edge Of The World
There is a ski run here in Steamboat named "Edge of the World".  We think that is appropriate to how we view what we can do with photography.  Special Mission Photography is not just a category of photos we do for clients who want pictures of themselves backcountry skiing or standing atop a 14,000-foot peak.  It is how we approach a lot of our work, especially wedding photography.  How far will we go for a client?  This article about what we did to capture this photo will give you an idea.  A Boat Fit For a Bride
Our Gallery and Studio
In addition to a full indoor/outdoor studio, we have created a custom in-home gallery for private and group showings.  Browse our gallery and then sit down with us to browse our collection of thousands of images you can choose from.  Create a one-of-a-kind piece to hang on your wall, expertly guided by us as we help you choose options for printing, framing, and sizing.  
We would love an opportunity to work with you on creating some amazing memories.  You can learn more about each type of photography we do on our Pricing and Services Page.  To schedule a photo shoot or to simply have a conversation about what we can accomplish together, just call, we are happy to chat.  
Thank you for your time,
Carl and Brandon Walker
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